Elite 14 Highlights: Broken Arrow

Elite 14 Highlights: Broken Arrow

Elite 14 Highlights: Broken Arrow



The Broken Arrow Tigers may have surprised some people by making it to the state tournament last season. However, the Tigers will be on everyone’s radar as they enter the 2017-2018 campaign. With four returning starters, the Tigers are expected to not only compete for a state tournament spot, they’re expected to compete for a state title.

The Tigers had an up and down performance on Saturday at the Elite 14 Showcase. The two games that OKPreps saw the Tigers were polar opposites. In the first game of the day, the Tigers were tied at halftime but ended up losing big after struggling mightily in the second half. Nothing was going for the Tigers offensively. However, in their final game of the day, they had a flow on offense and everyone was contributing as they looked like a state championship-caliber team.

Standing out for the Tigers was junior guard Camryn Dennis, as well as senior big man Braden Boyer. The two Tigers were the most consistent players for the Tigers on Saturday. Boyer was great in the paint, showcasing his touch around the basket. He even showed off his handles as he was able to put the ball on the floor and make something happen by himself. Dennis has an all around game that’s impressive. He has good range and can attack the basket at will.

Other key players were guard Caleb Huffman and wing Josh Robinson. When Huffman and Tigers were flowing on offense, it was special to watch. Huffman is one of the fastest guards in the state and when he gets going in transition, he’s nearly impossible to stop. Robinson is a move-in from Texas and the more comfortable he gets with the Tigers, they more dangerous they’ll become.

Overall, the Tigers will have to become more consistent and that will come as they go into the season. If they play like they did in their final game of the Showcase, they’ll be the top team from the east side and will be considered a serious state championship contender.