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Allan Trimble Set To Retire

Allan Trimble Set To Retire



Legendary head coach Allan Trimble will formally announce his retirement on Thursday. Bill Haisten of the Tulsa World was the first to report on Tuesday that Trimble would retire in the very near future. Later in the day, Jenks announced that Trimble would make the formal announcement at a press conference on Thursday at the school. Trimble retired for a few days in the summer of 2016, but returned after just four days. Later in the summer, Trimble announced that he had been diagnosed with ALS.

Trimble would go on to coach two more seasons, finishing up his 22nd season with the Trojans this past fall. His final record with the Trojans is 242-41. However, following the 22nd season, all signs pointed towards what we’ll see on Thursday. Oklahoma’s most successful football coach is hanging it up. You don’t have to go down the list of Trimble’s accolades, he’s a legend and a hall of famer.

Trimble captured a state-leading 13 state championships while leading the Trojan dynasty. His first gold ball was in 1996 and started Jenks’ run of six consecutive state titles. He would have another streak of gold from 2012-2015 when the Trojans won four straight gold balls. His teams made it to the championship game in 17 of his 22 seasons. They also made it to the semifinal round in 20 of his 22 years. That kind of success is unmatched and would be tough to top in any state.

Before the start of the 2017 season, Jenks renamed their football stadium in honor of their legendary coach. The stadium is now known as Allan Trimble Stadium. Trimble was not only the head coach but also the director of football at Jenks. It is unknown at this time if he’s retiring from both positions. It’s also unknown how much of a role he will have in the selection process for the next head coach.

OKPreps will have coverage from the Trimble press conference on Thursday. Be sure to follow OKPreps on Twitter @OKPrepsTV for all the latest from the press conference. And a replay will be posted on the website later in the day.

When Trimble retired in 2016, we reached out to several area coaches to get their reactions on Trimble’s retirement. Here are those quotes from 2016.

Bill Blankenship – Owasso Head Coach

On Hearing The News Of Trimble’s Retirement

“I had heard that he might retire. I had also thought many times that he might be and he didn’t, so I just didn’t think he was going to pull the trigger. But when I heard it today, there’s more of a wow. That run is really coming to an end.”

On Reflecting On All The Classic Jenks-Union Battles

“I just felt like we were catching the wave at the right time. Just an absolute blessing to be apart of something that took off and was so big. It became the thing to do, and I’m talking about going to the game, for people who weren’t even high school football fans. We looked at each other a lot and just shook our heads, not knowing how all of that came about but it was sure fun to be apart of.”

Kirk Fridrich – Union Head Coach

On Hearing The News Of Trimble’s Retirement

“My first thought was it’s disappointing because it’s just been so much fun to coach against a guy like him. Also, I think it’s disappointing for high school football in general. He’s just done so many great things for our sport and for the kids. Just knowing the kind of person he is and the character that he brings and his style of coaching, it’s definitely a big loss.”

On What The Jenks-Union Rivalry Will Be Like Without Trimble

“I think he would echo the same thing I would say is that the rivalry is bigger than the coach. I think it’s definitely a big loss because he’s a great coach. But the Union-Jenks thing is always going to be bigger than any one team that we’ve had or even a player or a coach. I think that program will continue to be an outstanding football program just because of the things he’s done to build that program and put it on a solid foundation.”

David Alexander – Broken Arrow Head Coach – Former Trimble Assistant

On Hearing The News Of Trimble’s Retirement

“A couple things came to mind. First, how many kids he was an unbelievably great influence on. Not just the kids, families. He had a direction that he always believed in. He believed in kids growing up to be great parents and great family men. Think about the two or three generations of people he’s influenced at Jenks. And the second thing I thought was I got mad again about losing that last game to him. It brought up all those fumbles we had in slow motion in that championship game. I got pissed off again. I loved competing with him, those years I was with him. And I loved competing against him. You knew you were going to get fair competition but you were going to get a very well coached team. If you were going to figure out a way to beat Jenks while I was there, you were going to have to play a near perfect football game. Because that’s the way he coached and that’s the way his kids practiced.”